Technomech provides Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Construction Management services for LNG Terminals, Storage, Transfer and Regasification units.

Focus areas includes :
  • LNG Regasification Terminals
  • Natural Gas Liquefaction Plants which includes large scale & Nano sized LNG Liquefaction & virtual Pipeline Transfer utilizing a modular concept preferred for Flared/ stranded/ CBM & bio-gas (Onshore/ Offshore) which can be monetized which otherwise would be left Flared/ capped
  • Floating Liquefaction Solutions [ FLNG ]
  • Floating Regasification Solutions [ FSRU ]
  • LNG Port and Marine Facilities
Key Services includes :
  • Tank design
  • Key process Engineering for Acid gas Removal,
    Refrigeration, Mercury removal, Tank Insulation,
    Gas metering, Dehydration and storage.
  • LNG Safety Studies and Reports
  • Boil Off Gas Recovery
  • Cryogenic Vapour and Explosion modelling
  • Quantified Risk Assesments for LNG sites
  • Operations & Maintenance