Technomech Oil & Energy delivers pipelines that are used for transporting Natural Gas, Industrial Gasses and Oil. We undertake Design, Engineering and construction management of cross country pipelines involving both metallic as well non-metallic (HDPE/GRE/GRP) materials.

Our services includes :
  • Feasibility & Economic Studies
  • Conceptual Design
  • Mapping and Routing
  • Route Evaluation
  • Environmental permitting studies
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Leak Detection
  • Pipeline Engineering including design of crossings and trenchings, routing optimization, Material requisitions, Backfill design, Anchor design, Stress and Expansion Analysis as per pipeline codes and standards like ASME / ANSI, OISD, API, NFPA, IS, ASTM, NACE etc.
  • Pipeline Corrosion Management
  • Pipeline integrity Management
  • 3D Stress Analysis
  • Subsea Pipeline Design including Pipewall Thickness Design, Tie-In Spool Analysis, Lateral Stability design, concrete thickness, subsea flanges design and Pipeline crossings design
  • Materials Selection
  • Span Analysis and Bulcking Analysis
  • Pipeline modification solutions for in-service pipelines
  • Studies for compliance with statutory and regulatory requirement